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HSMX to Captivnet Upgrade Options

Following the acquisition of FDXTENDED by Airangel in 2017, the HSMX platform has been replaced by the latest release, Captivnet. This latest release combines all the key HSMX components with a new suite of enterprise features and is GDPR ready.. In addition, Airangel have introduced a process and commercial incentives to support the migration of existing HSMX appliances onto the new Captivnet platform.

HSMX End of Life Timeline

1. Sale of new HSMX Hardware & new Hardware Support ceased on Dec 31st 2018

2. Existing hardware support may run until November 2020

3. Software support may be purchased and can run until November 2020

4. Additional Licenses may be purchased

5. There will be no further new feature development 

6. Airangel will provide updates for critical bugs and security issues for the HSMX product until November 2020

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About Captivnet

Captivnet has been designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. To ensure that Captivnet can be installed in any environment and to serve different customer needs across many sector types and geographic regions, we have developed three main deployment methods:

1. Captivnet Cloud
2. Captivnet Hybrid Cloud
3. Captivnet On-premises

Additional enterprise features are available in both the Hybrid Cloud and On-premises options where a Captivnet Fusion Appliance is utilised.


Navigating the Journey to The Cloud?

The journey to the cloud may seem to present itself with perils and problems and may not suit all customer requirements. Captivnet has the expertise and experience to guide you on the right path

HSMX vs Captivnet

A comparison of HSMX vs Captivnet Hybrid Cloud and On-Prem Solutions 

FeaturesHSMXCaptivnet Hybrid Cloud & On-prem
802.1X / Hotspot 2.0 OSU-
Marketing engine / content injection-
Surveys and rewards-
Location based services-With required hardware
Cloud managed gateway support (based on routeros)-
Fully customisable captive portal & HTML editorLimited & Complex
Portal Template Management-
Multi Property Roaming-Cloud & hybrid only
WLAN - Personal Area Network / Conference Network-
Networking Config: LAN, WAN, DHCP, NAT
Port forwarding
Walled garden
MAC based auth
High Availability (Active/passive)
Custom DNS
WAN load-balancing
Static routes
Lawful Intercept
Built-in VPN-
Change of Authorisation (COA)(tier update immediately applied to live users)-
Port speed limits (limit lan port to X mbit)-
Active/active gateways (instead of active/passive)-
White List urls / Black list urls
Post-Auth walled garden - Allow only rule-
DHCP load-balancing-
Simple language management-
Restful API-
Push notification service-
Virtual Testing AP-
Welcome Back (MAC Recognition)-
Copy / Clone Portals-
Rules Engine for External Authentication-
Post Auth OptionsSingle multi
Basic Status Page
Advance status page with marketing targeting rules-
GDPR Features
Version controlled terms and conditions-
Guest data encryption-
Data retention policies-
Encrypted data fields-

Deployment Options

Captivnet Cloud & Hybrid Cloud
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Captivnet On-prem
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Upgrade Options

Existing HSMX customers who wish to upgrade to Captivnet can do so via one of the following options:

Upgrade OptionsCommentsApproximate upgrade time
Captivnet Cloud (option 1)Reconfigure existing HSMX hardware to act as a gateway device1 hour
Captivnet Cloud (option 2)Existing HSMX swap out for supported Mikrotik or other third-party gateway1 hour
Captive On-prem (option 1)Using existing HSMX hardware – (excludes HSMX-25 and HSMX-100)8 hours (downtime 2/3 hours)

HSMX to Captivnet upgrade FAQs

There are no additional features being added to HSMX to aid in GDPR compliance. To support a compliant approach for HSMX customers, we have outlined the manual processes that should be undertaken by the venue in order to address the principles of GDPR management. To view the document click here