Product description

HSMX delivers internet access gateways designed to easily manage access in small, medium sized and large public networks.

The HSMX Gateway is a platform designed to manage authentication and billing in your network. It provides a role based intuitive management platform to manage your network and users. Thanks to the included Lawful intercept module, you comply to the regulations in place to store connection history of your visitors.

We target the following markets with our versatile solution:

  • Enterprise
  • Hotels
  • Health care
  • Event industry
  • Trade fairs
  • Football stadiums
  • Public WIFI networks

Networking features

  • DNS server
    • resolve local domains
    • cache popular dns lookups
  • DHCP server
    • Profile based dhcp
    • Load balancing
      DHCP server can spread load over multiple LAN ports and even multiple gateways.
  • Firewall
    • Profile based firewall (network policies)
    • Local firewall
  • Profile based QoS
  • Content filtering (optional)
  • WAN load balancing / fail-over
  • Operates in both layer2 or layer 3 mode

AAA features

  • Embedded user database including reporting and accounting
  • 802.1X support
  • Advanced redirection service to manage high load redirections
  • Authentication
    • RADIUS
    • LDAP
    • Voucher (local database)
    • SMS
    • PMS (property management systems)
    • Social login (Facebook / Twitter / Google / Linkedin / Other OAuth suppliers)
    • Self registration
    • XML API for external authentication
  • Built-in portal page editor
  • Ability to create complete customized portals in HTML
  • Walled garden (white list)

Billing features

  • Credit Card
    • Scriptable module (compatible with most credit card clearing houses)
    • 3D secure compatible
  • PMS
    • Micros Fidelio certified interface (using FIAS protocol)
    • OnQ
    • UHLL
    • Amadeus
    • XML API for integration

Management features

      • Web based management platform
      • Role based admin access
      • UMS (app to create accounts)
      • Reporting
        • Graphical reports
          • Usage
          • Resource Usage
          • Bandwidth reports
          • Redirections report
        • Reporting engine

Security features

      • Lawful intercept logging
      • Firewall
      • SSL

Other features

      • Guest printing module (optional module)
        Allow your guest to print their document to designated printers in your property. There is a possibility to charge for this service.
      • Central license server
        From 10 devices you are eligible to use the central license server where you can centrally manage your user license and allocate them dynamically across your all your sites.

VMWARE compatible

Hardware appliances

(revision B)
Rack mountable 1U 1U 1U 2U
Scalable up to (active users) (*) 25 100 1.000 5.000 20.000
Scalable up to (pending users) (*) 50 200 2.000 10.000 40.000
Network ports 4 2 4 4 16
CPU (Intel) Atom N270 Atom D525 XEON E3-1230V2 2 * XEON E5-2420V2 2 * XEON E5-2667V2
Clock Speed 1.6 Ghz 1.8 Ghz 3.2 Ghz 2.2 Ghz 3.3 Ghz
Physical CPU cores 1 2 4 12 16
Memory 1GB 1GB 4GB 16GB 32GB
Architecture 32bit 64bit 64bit 64bit 64bit

Interface Demo

Link: http://demo.fdxtended.com
Username: demo
Password: FDX3PQ

Deployment scenario's

Basic deployment

This is the basic and most used deployment scenario. The gateway is connected between the ISP’s router or modem and the existing LAN network.

  • Layer 2 network
  • typical deployment scenario
  • Network Vendor independent
Central layer3 deployment

This is central deployment scenario, when all properties are connected via the same layer3 network to a central NOC our gateway can be placed in the NOC to manage all different sites.

  • Routed (Layer 3) network
  • Central deployment scenario
  • Central break-out point
  • Central gateway provide following services
    • DHCP service (routers perform DHCP relay)
    • DNS service
    • Portal service
    • AAA service
Distributed deployment

This is distributed scenario, All properties have their own WAN uplink and traffic breaks out locally but authentication is on the central gateway.

  • Central deployment scenario
  • Local break-out point
  • Central gateway provide following services
    • Portal service
    • AAA service
  • Local gateway provide following services
    • DHCP service
    • DNS service
Load sharing deployment

In very high density deployments it is possible to concatenate multiple HSMX to share the network load.In this setup we use a central authentication gateway that handles the authentication and services the portal.

  • Local deployment scenario
  • Multiple break-out points
  • Authentication gateway provide following services
    • Portal service
    • AAA service
    • User database
  • Local gateway provide following services
    • DHCP service (central DHCP that distributes users across all gateways)
    • DNS service
    • Guest traffic