Captivnet Dashboard

Admin and Reporting
  • Estate and hardware management tools
  • Central administration – single dashboard for groups/chains with strategic overview of sites, drill-down per site
  • Bandwidth management
  • Service tier management
  • Portal editor
  • Conference manager
  • Networking performance reports
  • User reports and contextual data
  • Marketing tools
  • Export user contact details
Guest Reports
  • Average users per day
  • Average hours a guest is logged into network
  • Busiest day of data usage
  • Average data usage of guests
  • Most used devices
  • Customer loyalty – repeat vs new
  • Authentication method guests use to log into network
Network Reports
  • Average gateway latency
  • Average traffic
  • Highest latency
  • Browser trends
  • Browser usage
  • Data transferred
  • OS Usage
  • OS Trends
Dashscreen1 browser

Portal Editor

The Captivnet portal editor is designed so that venues can easily set up and edit their portal. From here venue managers can create multiple portals where they can choose how guests login to the network and assign it to time of day, room, or geolocation.

The interface is easy to use with helpful instructions to aid the user even if they have no prior experience in HTML web design.

Guest Journey

Captivnet allows venue managers to choose and customise which captive portal pages and login methods are presented guests.

For each new and returning visitor that connects to the system, we collect data such as email address, device details – including MAC address, number of previous visits, publicly available demographic data (if social login is selected), and the other venues visited in the same group or chain.

The data collected can be seen in graphic report form, exported into CSV, and more importantly is available via our API.

Social Login

Guest Engagement

  • Targeted campaigns can be created and automated based on visitor and guest location, dwell time, gender, age group, visit recurrence or simple welcome back messages
  • Export contact information via CSV or integrate via API directly into email marketing platforms, CRM systems and other engagement applications.
  • Create guest surveys to complete guest profiles, negating the use for lots of questions on login forms
  • Targeted messages can be triggered based on the answers and results of feedback questionnaires
  • Collect ‘Likes’ and ‘Follow’ as users log in via social media and enable ongoing social media engagement

Location Based Services

Depending upon the hardware type in place, Captivnet can be used to provide rich insight into how visitors and guests interact with the physical space of the venue, store, or hotel.

  • Floor plans can be uploaded into the Captivnet dashboard and the precise location of the WiFi access points can be plotted on the map
  • Allows detailed reports that highlight precisely how visitors and their devices move through the space, and where they dwell.
  • Presence reports show the numbers of both authenticated and anonymous devices
  • Email marketing messages and SMS can be triggered based on the user location or as they roam through the property
  • Notifications and webhooks can be set to alert staff, or trigger actions in other business systems to improve services and operational efficiencies. E.g., if there is a number of people forming a queue in a particular zone, an alert can be sent to management to deploy additional staff or open extra desks
Hotel drawing plan CAD blueprint

Personal Area Networks

  • Guest have their own personal SSID no matter which hotel they visit
  • The guest’s devices work just like at home allowing them to instantly connect when they arrive
  • Better in-room entertainment
  • Guests would no longer need to rely on using the traditional remote control hotel TV entertainment systems
  • Guests can cast their on-line media to the room smart TV, or connect their gaming console
  • Increased satisfaction from having a better WiFi experience
  • API – connect to other platforms and share data to enable a better and personalized digital experience for residents

Conference Tool

  • With our conference manager tool, event organisers can offer secure and encrypted WIFi that is simple to administer
  • SSIDs can be personalised for specific events and can provide monetisation options via sponsorship
  • Multiple conferences and events can be catered for, each having their own private network allocated to their own rooms, halls and zones
  • The bandwidth can be set to accommodate the number of expected users ensuring a consistent quality of service for all attendees
  • Login pages, custom SSIDs, and URL redirects can be created and allocated to each event, providing sponsorship opportunities where 3rd parties or event organisers can promote their brand and content
  • With the event schedule tool, conferences and their specific requirements can be created in advance and set to automatically activate on the day of the conference
  • After the event, organisers can see usage reports, monitor how the network performed, view location data, and export user contact details
Conference boarder leftCN

Captivnet & Captivnet Enterprise Full Features List

FeaturesCaptivnet Captivnet Enterprise
Email login
Social media login
One click, auto connect
User & network reports
Export reports via CSV
Monetisation options
Fully customisable portal editor - compatible with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
URL redirect
Guest roaming
Welcome back messages
Automated email & SMS marketing-
Guest satisfaction surveys-
Fully customisable, post authentication, targeted landing pages -
Event management-
Upload floor plans and plot AP points-
Email messages and SMS triggered based on user location-
Notifications and web-hooks to alert staff, or trigger actions-
Loyalty & membership login-
Integrate with CRM-
Integrate with email marketing & engagement platforms-
Augmented existing data-
Trigger alerts based on user behaviour-
Captivnet Plugins:
Advanced networking - PAN, event tool, Hotel Home Experience
PMS/Payment gateway integrations