Version 1.5

  • WLAN management
    • Manage all your wifi networks through
      Supported modes:

      • Open
      • WPA2 – PSK
      • 802.1X
      • Hotspot – Captive portal
  • Personal Area Network support
    • Personal area network / conference network managed by the guest
      • A personal Area Network is dedicated guest network where the guest can connect all his devices and communicate with other pre-installed in-room devices such as the TV.
      • A personal Area Network can be created by setting up a unique wireless SSID controlled by the guest with a PSK only the guest knows.
      • Alternatively you can join an 802.1X network where the guest is automatically placed in his own guest / room VLAN.
  • 802.1X onboarding
    • Support for automatic WIFI profile installation for Apple products (iOS / OS X).
    • Support for any 802.1X capable supplicant to pride an easy to remember username / password to joining the secure WiFi.
  • WiFi signal strength reporting
    • Available today on Ruckus ZoneDirector™ or SmartZone™
  • Bandwidth utilization reporting
    • A clear calendar overview showing the percentage of network utilization at any given moment.
  • Deeper network analytics
    • This release offers new ways to analyze the usage on guest statistics on your network
      • Summary report
      • Bandwidth utilisation report
      • Recurring vs new guests
      • More text based reports
        – Bandwidth utilization par service tier
        – Bandwidth utilization per location
        – …
      • E-mail notifications or web hooks that can be triggered for a wide range of events.
  • Survey incentives
    • Incentivize your customer for completing a survey
      • Free upgrade to a higher tier, give more bandwidth or more time.
      • Allow creation of a Personal Area Network
      • Allow onboarding on the secure 802.1X network
  • Guest portal page
    • The guest portal(landing) page has a lot more options and is even easier to use.
      • Postpone the login process after a survey is completed
      • Use the portal only for secure guest onboarding
      • Managing the guest portal page is even easier using the new visual editor.
      • Support for the v3 einterface from Marriott.
      • A new visual editor makes it easier to update and manage your guest portal.
  • WIFI re-authentication
    • now supports networks that perform MAC address authentication as a method of joining the WIFI. This has the added advantage that a guest can be placed in a unique VLAN supporting the Personal Area Network functionality.
  • Other improvements
    • Location tracking integration Xirrus
    • You can manually add MAC addresses to an existing account
    • PMS field policies (only match part of the guest name)
    • WLAN AP info in network view (firmware, model, status)
    • SSH tunnel support (instead of direct connection to AP)
    • Currency can be set per service tier
    • Account template
      Authenticate a guest based on an account template will create a new account with similar settings leaving the template intact.
    • Security – White list support
    • Automatic cleanup of accounts after a period of inactivity
    • Performance improvements

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