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A complete Guest WiFi solution and analytics platform for reseller partners

The demand for guest WiFi solutions, which go beyond simple guest internet access, is on the rise and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to use WiFi to gain a competitive advantage. The Captivnet platform has been developed over many years and is designed to help your customers improve guest satisfaction, engage better with visitors, increase loyalty and generate more revenue.

Our partner program gives you full access to the Captivnet platform, plus training, support, and incentives to help you to generate more sales. As a partner you can provide your customers with one of the leading over-the-top guest WiFi, engagement and analytics solutions.

To add value to your traditional wireless sales, we have a range of partner options to suit your business objectives. For those partners who are established in the market, we offer a white-label solution, giving you complete freedom to sell and market the platform under your own brand.

The Ultimate Solution

The Captivnet platform allows any business to offer guest WiFi solutions and gain intelligence about visitors and customers. This tool integrates fully with hotels’ property management systems, and its scalability and flexibility make it the right solution for any company, regardless of its size. Retailers can use this centralised and user-friendly tool to promote services and encourage customer interaction. In a nutshell, has something for everyone!

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Captivnet Features


Guests can authenticate using multiple methods; including social login, voucher login and using the hotel's property management system.


Create your own dedicated dashboard per brand and/or location to give an overall view of your guest's activity.

Secure guest Access

Provide easy on-boarding of your guest without compromising security. Guest data can be gathered during the authentication process to complete the guest profiles. Our Hotel Home Experience offers WPA2 encryption.

Location Based Services

Use location analytics to get a better insight where your guests are and trigger actions and alerts based on user movements


Give your customer a more personalized experience by using targeted marketing campaigns.

Social Login

A way for visitors to log in using their favourite social network, traditional form, or membership number

Advanced Networking

Conference manager to easily set up network names and define conference zones

Monetisation Options

Control over charges for WiFi and any limits required on duration and bandwidth

Personal Area Networks

Each guest has their own private network that follows them from venue to venue

Bandwidth & network management

Ensure all guests and visitors have the same satisfying experience

Guest Engagement

Engage with your guests when they’re at your venue with Injection Jet technology, email, SMS and guest surveys


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Compatible Network Equipment

The Captivnet cloud Wi-Fi platform can be integrated with all major network equipment vendors, ranging from wireless controllers to access gateways. This flexibility makes Captivnet the ideal solution to be installed in compatible existing networks or gateways, and allows you to choose your preferred vendor for new installations.